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Weblinks & Latest News

Documentary about Joint Enterprise - Killing the Law

Common the film by Jimmy McGovern

Injustice: A film about prison, crime and us.

Spotify: Goddaz - Not Guilty by Association

The Justice Gap - How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

The website of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Miscarriages of Justice

CONVERSE PRISON NEWS - Jordan Cunliffe fails in judicial CCRC and tariff reviews

The Justice Gap - Joint enterprise exposes all that is wrong with our justice system

Peterloo March on the 18th August 2019 in Mancester, Albert Square from 1pm

Kristian Putman, MD Create Teesside Ltd on Linkedin - I met some volunteers working for an organisation called JENGbA while at Glastonbury.

University of Salford: Research Project Autism and the Criminal Justice System - Fighting for my Brother by Charlotte Henry

The Justice Gap - Parliament needs to reform joint enterprise if courts ‘close ranks’

Wrongful Conviction Day - The Case of Conroy Smith

Novara Media : How to Get a Life Sentence for a Murder You Didn’t Commit

Southampton Law school - Southampton Law students investigate controversial joint enterprise laws

Legal Cheek : First murder conviction quashed on back of Supreme Court’s syllabus-changing joint enterprise ruling

BBC - John Crilly released after joint enterprise conviction quashed

The Justice Gap - John Crilly: First successful joint enterprise appeal post-Jogee

The Guardian : Bob Woffinden obituary

Prison Abolition: Support Kevan! | Empty Cages Collective

The Guardian : How do 11 people go to jail for one murder?

Our System of Injustice – by Charlotte May Henry

Newsflare : Joint Enterprise law is a injustice

Sites of Resistance : Demands for political and legal redress for Joint Enterprise ‘wrong turn’

Kyle Clark on Medium : The Broken System — United Kingdom.

The Times: A review of the controversial joint enterprise law is long overdue.

Children & Young People now: Why we need to review joint enterprise laws

Wigan Today: Wigan mum’s hope of law change after debate.

Belfast Telegraph: Thousands jailed in ‘one of biggest miscarriages of justice ever.

The Mirror: An ancient law is being used to jail young black men for murders they didn't commit and MPs want it scrapped.

Felicity Gerry QC on courting injustice.

Parliament: Minister of State questioned for Joint Enterprise: follow-up

Two Step films Guilty by Association Documentary

Insidetime : Monstrous life sentences

Insidetime : Kevin Thakrar - Hear my voice

Dangerous associations: Joint enterprise, gangs and racism

The Independent: Supreme Court rules controversial joint enterprise law has been 'wrongly interpreted'

Inquest : Truth, Justice & Accountabilty

The Justice Gap : When prison means life: Child lifers and the pains of imprisonment

Cambridge Law Faculty, Graham Virgo : The Law of 'Joint Enterprise'

University of Cambridge: Violence, Friendship and Legal Consciousness in the Context of Joint Enterprise

UK Supreme Court : R v Jogee and Ruddock v The Queen

Sp!ked - Joint Enterprise : A product of the gang panic

Parents of Antony Parsons speak to Kent Online

Justice For Alex Henry

Joint enterprise law criminalises young, black men. - The Guardian

Autistic man serving life for murder despite never touching weapon has appeal rejected. - Russia Today

‘Miscarriage of justice’: Brothers jailed for murder despite CCTV proving they weren’t even there - Russia Today

House of Commons Debate

Joint Enterprise: Parliamentary Debate on 25th January 2018 in the House of Commons. Parliment TV starts at 12:26:51
Radio 4 Today in Parliment Mandy Baker reports starts at 10:42 minutes
Text of the debate House of Commons Hansard
Please check out Victoria Derbyshire 25/01/2018 (35 mins in) here Sally Halsall and Charlotte Henry talk to Victoria about Alex Henry & Joint Enterprise
Jan Cunliffe will be on Radio 4 starts 2:44:30 talking about Jordan Cunliffe and Joint Enterprise.
See our Breifing document for the House of Commons debate here

Archive & old news

Justice Committee - Eleventh Report Joint enterprise

Justice Committee - Fourth Report Joint enterprise: follow-up

New Socialist - Lions Led by Lionesses: Mothers Fighting Against Joint Enterprise Convictions

The Justice Gap - It’s drugs and organised crime we need to go after – not locking up kids

The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers' Union (BFAWU) - Opinion JENGbA

Melbourne - Australian criminal law took a ‘wrong turn’, says UK’s top court

South African Marikana miners charged with murder.

UK Parliament - Joint Enterprise.

The Justice Gap - All the articles on Joint Enterprise.

Guilt by association, the Supreme Court will rule - Open Democracy UK

Joint Enterprise – Guilt by Association? What will the Supreme Court do later this month? - Nottingham Law School

The Guardian – All of The Guardian articles on Joint Enterprise.

The Independent – All of The Independent articles on Joint Enterprise.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism – All articles on Joint Enterprise.

Centre for Crime and Justice Studies – All articles on Joint Enterprise.

Institute of Race Relations – All articles on Joint Enterprise.

Insidetime – All articles on Joint Enterprise.

Legal Cheek – All articles on Joint Enterprise.

CPS – All references on Joint Enterprise.

Help & Information

Inside Times a newspaper for Prisoners

CONVERSE PRISON NEWS The Online Blog of The Largest National Monthly Prisons Newspaper

Prisons org uk - Opening up the closed world of prisons

Project 507 - Dealing with Violence head on

SAFARI : Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information

Centre for Criminal Appeals : law charity that fights miscarriages of justice.

Clinks : Promotes and represents the voluntary sector working with people in the criminal justice system.

MADAV : Movement Against Drugs & Violence.

Secondary Liability: charging decisions on principals and accessories

Centre for Crime and Justice Studies : Dangerous associations: Joint enterprise, gangs and racism.

The Lockdown - A podcast about prison

What is Joint Enterprise? - BBC

Youth Crime - CPS

The age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales is 10 years old.

At what age should children have a criminal record? - BBC

Swain and Co - The People's Lawyers

RMT - Black and Ethnic Minorities members

March 13th 2017

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