JENGbA - Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association

Common Law used against common people that makes no common sense. We are a grassroots campaign, run by volunteers.




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House of Commons Debate

Thursday 25/01/2018

Joint Enterprise: Parliamentary Debate in the House of Commons. Text of the debate House of Commons Hansard

Parliment TV starts at 12:26:51

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Delinquent Nation - Podcast and Videocast made by ex-prisoners

Felicity Gerry QC contributes to a book on the Jogee decision, Accessorial Liability after Jogee (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019)

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Kristian Putman, MD Create Teesside Ltd on Linkedin - I met some volunteers working for an organisation called JENGbA while at Glastonbury.

University of Salford: Research Project Autism and the Criminal Justice System - Fighting for my Brother by Charlotte Henry

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Wrongful Conviction Day - The Case of Conroy Smith

Novara Media : How to Get a Life Sentence for a Murder You Didn’t Commit

Noel Moran is currently serving life in prison for a crime he did not commit and had no control over.

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Joint enterprise law criminalises young, black men. - The Guardian

Autistic man serving life for murder despite never touching weapon has appeal rejected. - Russia Today

‘Miscarriage of justice’: Brothers jailed for murder despite CCTV proving they weren’t even there - Russia Today