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Joint Enterprise

Common the film by Jimmy McGovern

Injustice: A film about prison, crime and us.

Kyle Clark on Medium : The Broken System — United Kingdom.

The Times: A review of the controversial joint enterprise law is long overdue.

Wigan Today: Wigan mum’s hope of law change after debate.

Belfast Telegraph: Thousands jailed in ‘one of biggest miscarriages of justice ever.

The Mirror: An ancient law is being used to jail young black men for murders they didn't commit and MPs want it scrapped.

Felicity Gerry QC on courting injustice.

Parliament: Minister of State questioned for Joint Enterprise: follow-up

Two Step films Guilty by Association Documentary

Movement in Media - Documentary about Joint Enterprise - Killing the Law

Insidetime : Monstrous life sentences

Insidetime : Kevin Thakrar - Hear my voice

Dangerous associations: Joint enterprise, gangs and racism

The Independent: Supreme Court rules controversial joint enterprise law has been 'wrongly interpreted'

The Justice Gap : When prison means life: Child lifers and the pains of imprisonment

Cambridge Law Faculty, Graham Virgo : The Law of 'Joint Enterprise'

UK Supreme Court : R v Jogee and Ruddock v The Queen

Sp!ked - Joint Enterprise : A product of the gang panic

Parents of Antony Parsons speak to Kent Online

Justice For Alex Henry

What is Joint Enterprise? - BBC

Joint enterprise law criminalises young, black men. - The Guardian

Autistic man serving life for murder despite never touching weapon has appeal rejected. - Russia Today

‘Miscarriage of justice’: Brothers jailed for murder despite CCTV proving they weren’t even there - Russia Today

Archive and old news

UK Parliament - Joint Enterprise.

The Justice Gap - All the articles on Joint Enterprise.

Guilt by association, the Supreme Court will rule - Open Democracy UK

Joint Enterprise – Guilt by Association? What will the Supreme Court do later this month? - Nottingham Law School

The Guardian – All of The Guardian articles on Joint Enterprise.

The Independent – All of The Independent articles on Joint Enterprise.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism – All articles on Joint Enterprise.

Centre for Crime and Justice Studies – All articles on Joint Enterprise.

Institute of Race Relations – All articles on Joint Enterprise.

Insidetime – All articles on Joint Enterprise.

Gallery of March 13th 2017

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