Tafari Dacas

Tafari Dacas was convicted under Joint Enterprise murder in 2004.

During the carnival after party in the evening  in 2004 there was a shooting behind Kensal Green Youth Centre.

During this time Tafari, his brother and a couple of associates were on St Margarets Road enjoying themselves. Gun shots were then heard from the direction of the youth centre. They did not see it or the people that did it.

They then saw people running away from the after party. Shortly after the victim was staggering near the front of the youth centre and collapsed to the ground. A hand full of people then surrounded him trying to help him.

Tafari and his brother thought the victim has passed while and left while others remained around him. 

Police officers then began to question Tafari's brother and said he was wanted for murder. 

With unreliable evidence used in court Tafari was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment. He was not at the scene of the crime and there was no supporting evidence to suggest he was.

He has since been refused his appeal.