Steve Kidd

Steve was in a house with several other people when I fight broke out in the kitchen. Steve was not in the room when the victim was attacked with a frying pan by his co-defendent Lea Mason. His pregnant girlfriend Kirsty was in the room and witnessed the attack something Steve did not.  When all three were arrested Steve pleaded not guilty as did his girlfriend Kirsty. Lea Mason pleaded guilty as he killed the victim in a drunken rage believing him to be a child abuser. Steve maintained his innocence on remand but was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as the attack had been so brutal.  His girlfriend Kirsty gave birth in HMP Styal and Steve was taken there to be with his baby Kieran.  He was allowed to hold him for several hours before being returned to prison.  It was only then he was told that if he did not plead guilty his son would be taken into care and Kirsty also charged with joint enterprise murder.  Under duress to protect his son he changed his plea and pleaded guilty.  He was sentenced to Life minimum 17 years Kirsty got 11 months.  Steve is fighting to prove he was 'blackmailed' by police into taking a plea.  He has never been able to see his son.