Rikko Antonio Marks 10/09/1992

Murder and Conspiracy to supply class A: 16 years imprisonment

Rikko was a pupil support worker at a centre for kids aged 12-16 to help children with their education following school expulsion. Due to his previous convictions he had to be let go after 3 months when his enhanced CRB revealed the convictions. Struggling to find paid employment, Rikko and his co-defendant (Micah Golding) had been selling class A drugs (heroin and crack cocaine) for three month prior to the fatal incident.

On the 2nd of January 2013 Rikko and Micah had both been dealing drugs out of flat. At some point during the day they had run out of supplies so Rikko boarded a train back to Birmingham to purchase some more. While Rikko was in Birmingham Micah dealt the drugs alone from the flat.

The victim, Adrian Locke arrived at the address to purchase some drugs however upon realising that heroin was not available at that time he became annoyed. Whilst the victim remained outside of the flat arguing with Micah, Micah rang Rikko. Micah was very agitated and witnesses heard him yelling to all those concerned and down the phone ‘’im going to stab him’’. This was more of an aggressive rant than a two way conversation. Micah then went back into the flat and armed himself with a knife, left the flat leaving a witness still inside and went out to confront the victim. 
The witness heard what sounded like a physical fight, before he heard Rikko’s voice again shouting ‘’stop that, stop that there is no need for this’’. But before Rikko could intervene it was too late.