Kulbir Bains

Kulbir Bains is a forty three year old business man. On 3/08/13 a man was kidnapped from his home in Kidderminster.Three men pleaded guilty and explained how this was to do with a family debt. Kulbir, however, was a close friend of the kidnappers. 

1. Kulbir was arrested three months after everyone else.
2. The victim has named the people involved yet NEVER even mentioned Kulbir being a part of this ordeal.
3. The men who did take part, also denied the fact that Kulbir had any part in this as it was their own family issue.

Despite all this, Kulbir was charged with:
1. Conspiracy to kidnap-victim said, "Kully who" when asked by police.
2. False imprisonment-The container used to hold the victim overnight was on Kulbir's land. The kidnapper did have access to the key.
3. Causing grievous bodily harm with intent-victim said Kulbir was not  present at any stage. 

Despite this, Kulbir is now serving a 17 year sentence at Durham, 400 miles away from his family. Kulbir was the only one who stood in the dock to explain why he had no role to play in this kidnapping. Yet as supportive and encouraging as the Judge was during the 5 week trial, things took a terrible turn during the summing up. The judge now claimed Kulbir was the main instigator in this kidnapping.

The appeal was accepted, only to be rejected. Everyone else had on average 1-2 years taken off their sentence. But nothing for Kulbir.
Kulbir has helped many troubled young men through his charities and work. How this can happen to him just because he knew these men. This is so wrong. He is a strong man and through organisations like Jengha, we will not rest until justice is prevailed.