Kevan Thakrar

On 28th August 2007 at around 9.30pm Keith Cowell, Matthew Cowell and Tony Delieu were shot dead at the Cowells’ home in Bishop’s Stortford. Two women Christine Jennings and Claire Evans, who were present at the house were stabbed and injured.Claire Evans sustaining superficial wounds. A description given at the time of the incident was of ‘a black, paki, Asian shorter than 5 foot six with a balding shaved head, clean shaven, wearing a long sleeve white shirt with a collar and unhealthily skinny‘. Kev has olive skin, is almost 6 foot tall and at that time was around 12 stone and wore his hair in a French crop. He always wore a distinctive diamond earing (as can be seen on ear on photo skin) but was told to remove this by police prior to taking part in the viper I.D. parade. Not one witness mentioned seeing anyone with an ear piercing.

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