Kanu Kangi

Kanu was asked by his friend Brian Yorachi to help his girlfriend Neelam's friend  Fariah.  Fariah was in a very abusive relationship. Her husband repeatedly raped her and she had asked the Home Office to refuse his entry back into the UK and told them he had another family in Pakistan.  She begged them to refuse him in numerous letters.  Kanu accompanied Brian thinking he was going to 'have a few words' with the man demanding that he leave Fariah alone.  Kanu didn't actually know Fariah and naively agreed to help her.  When they arrived at her husband's Nawajidd place of work they saw that he was already in an altercation with another 2 men they didn't know.  Brian and Kanu got out of the car and ran to the where the two men and Nawajidd were fighting. After minutes Kanu maintains they barely touched the victim, Kanu and Brian walk away.  Fariah seeing her husband in the road puts her foot down and ran him over tragically killing him.  Kanu, Brian and Neelam are all serving life sentences: Kanu received 17years.