Hassan Khan Muruf

In 2011 Hassan (16 years of age at the time) was with a friend Shifq Habbi. Running low on funds both boys decided to rob the victim. Shifq had a knife and it was discussed that he would use the knife purely to frighten the victim to obtain his possessions.

The robbery was premeditated and it was discussed that the knife was not to be used for violence but merely to frighten.

During the robbery the Shifq did use the weapon and stabbed the victim once, killing him. Shifq then fled back to Afganistan leaving Hassan, who did not flee and wanted to co-operate, to face the charges alone.

Hassan gave evidence at court and admitted his responsibilty to the part in the robbery (theft plus threat of force) and his knowledge of the presence of the knife. Hassan did not intend or condone the use of the knife. He did not believe his friend would commit murder.

At 16 years old Hassan had been sentenced to 26 years imprisonment for what should be a robbery conviction carrying a sentence of up to 12 years.

Despite Hassan's cooperation with the police Shifq has never been found and brought to justice.