Habib Iqbal

Habib is serving a lengthy 25 year sentence for something he did not do, or know of, or foresee what was going to happen.
Habib is innocent, and would never involve himself with any wrongdoings, until one night all this changed for him.

It was a case where a couple died in a fire, and it was proven in court Habib was in a place where he should not have been. It was proven in court that Habib did not put fire to the house, and this was collaborated with a CCTV footage. He was simply at a distance which was proven by an independent witness.

Another co defendent gave no evidence and remained silent throughout the trial, and it was due to this individual that Habib got convicted for something he did not do and know of.

It is a clear miscarriage of justice as Habib did not get a fair trial and was convicted of murder in less than 15 minutes by a jury in a joint enterprise case.

Habib is innocent, and his family and friends will continue to fight his case till he gets justice.