Gerard Childs

Gerard Childs was wrongly convicted of murder under joint enterprise in December 2013. 

He was sat in his car when he was approached and threatened by a man. He became involved in a 10 second scuffle. Gerard’s friend Stephen Price came over and split up the scuffling.

  Stephen then threw a punch at the man after claiming he kicked him in the back and punched him in the head. Gerard was clearly seen on CCTV a fair distance away from the other two men when this punch was thrown. 

The man died the following day from this one punch. 

 The judge said Gerard did not seek out the deceased; on the contrary he sought Gerard out, threatened and provoked this incident. Gerard was given life with a minimum of 10 years in prison for possibly foreseeing that his friend may cause serious injury with his one punch.

Stephen Price was given life with a minimum of 11 years for a one punch killing.