Gary Narwain

Gary Narwain is 24 years old and has served 4 years of a 26 year sentence for murder. He is currently detained at HMP Frankland in Durham, which is a 4 hour drive for his family to visit him.

Whilst he was awaiting trail he became a father in July 2011 and his daughter was 7 months old when he was convicted. She is now 4 years old and Gary has not seen her often due to the long distance we have to travel to visit him.

Gary was convicted of murder even though he was 5 miles away from the scene at the time of the murder. This was accepted by the prosecution as he was on CCTV at a garage putting petrol into his car.

The person who committed the murder pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and got 28 years.

Another person who setup the meeting between the victim and the shooter was also found guilty and got 22 years.

Joint enterprise was used in Gary's case in that although it was confirmed that Gary was not at the scene, he was found guilty of assisting an offender by supplying a car that was used by the shooter, however during the trial a witness confirmed that the car was the shooters as it was always parked outside his house, but during the summing up the judge advised the jury that Gary supplied the car.

How can someone get a life sentence for murder when you are not even present at the scene !!