Elroy Otway

On the 22nd of August 2006 Mark Daniels was murdered. The victim was connected in some way to the drugs world and earlier that day had been involved in a minor confrontation between himself and a driver of a blue Honda, believed to be Elroy Otway.

Later on that day at around 8pm the victim was at his friends address. It was alleged by the prosecution that the same car pulled up with Elroy Otway driving. A white man got out of the passenger side holding a hand gun and pointed it at Mark Daniels. The driver was heard by an independent witnesses to say ‘’don’t smoke him’’ meaning "don’t shoot him". However despite the driver’s plea's to not shoot the victim, the white male fired three shots in quick succession. The first shot went through the victim’s leg while the second was fired into his back killing him.

Elroy Otway's phone mast does not put him at the scene, However using Gate analasis (the way a person walks) the prosecution argued that he was present although this analysis was by no means reliable as no one had and footage of the black male walking at the scene of the crime, No forensic science was used and no Dna of Elroy Otway was found at the crime scene. The jury believed he was at the scene and found him guilty of Murder despite independent witness statements describing the black male as not participating or encouraging the murder and in fact actively withdrawing and discouraging the use of the gun.