Devonte Campbell

Devonte Campbell is currently serving 35 years for a crime he did not commit alongside 3 other defendants. He was unaware of his co-defendants intentions.

Based on incidents in the past, Devonte was fixed and fitted into this crime and any evidence was used against him. Evidence that could of been used to prove his innocence was ignored and not used during the trial. Evidence was presented to benefit the police and convince the jury he was guilty even with a large amount of evidence proving otherwise.

Devonte was singled out as the ring leader as evidence presented only proves Devonte being at the scene but not actually playing a role in anything particular. Devonte admitted playing a role by being there, and evidence also backs his story up as there are two bottles at the scene both with his fingerprints. However the bottles were not used as weapons. They were left at the scene whilst being drunk.

Even though Devonte admitted being there but not playing a physical role the judge believes he fits the "ring leader" role which is entirely wrong. He has been wrongly convicted and was automatically charged with murder, without even considering other sentences e.g manslaughter, affray and any others that match his actual role.