Charlotte Coulson

Charlotte was out with two friends driving in her car. One, her co-defendent Alicia, she has only met three months before, drug problems meant she was homeless so Charlotte gave her somewhere to stay.  Also with them was Michael Kerr who she had known for some time. They had been drinking and Charlotte realised she was not able to drive safely as she took them off the road. Michael took over the driving and she got into the back of the 2 door car.  Later when they stopped Charlotte woke to see Michael on Alicia and her struggling to get him off her, a struggle ensued and Charlotte tried to break it it up. Alicia in a frenzy (agreed in court) used a knife (ownership of which could never be established). Charlotte  maintains she had no idea where the knife came from and was heartbroken that Michael was murdered, She struggled to get out of the car from behind them but witnessed the horrific attack.  Charlotte was sentenced to 20 years joint enterprise murder.





Charlotte Coulson