Ashley & Holly Robinson 

Ashleigh and Hollie Robinson were convicted as secondary parties of the ‘murder’ of their father Antoni Robinson. The y thought that their personal jewlery items were in the safe which was in the wardrobe in their fathers bedroom.

Ashleigh and Hollie decided they were going to have a look after their father had gone to sleep as there was only 1 key to the safe which he kept with him except for when he wa sleeping. But Ashleigh’s fiancé said no , that he would access the bedroom and safe and Ashleigh and Hollie waited in Hollies old bedroom. Gordon armed himself with a kitchen knife as he said that Toni (Antoni) kept one on his bedside locker. Ashleigh, told Gordon not to use the knife . It was when Hollies fiancé came and got them from the room that the girls were aware of what had occurred in their fathers bedroom.

Gordon admitted stabbing Toni in self defence and was given a 22 year sentence after been found guilty, Ashleigh 18 at the time  was found guilty as a secondary party and received a minimum tariff of 22 years , Sacha was also found guilty as a secondary party and was given a 20 year sentence and Hollie 16 at the time was given an 18 year sentence after been found guilty.